Why Trust HomeEgg

HomeEgg and its parent company TowerHouse, Inc., believes your data and privacy are a basic human rights.


Data and Privacy

We are committed to giving you a safe place to manage the financial performance of your home. We designed HomeEgg to this goals and minimize the collection and use of your data wherever possible. We also do not sell or share individual personal and account level data with any third-party.



We are committed to safeguarding your information to the highest possible standard. Your data is securely encrypted and maintained using financial – level, duel – authentication protocols. We’ve partnered with top tier technology infrastructure providers to ensure your personal and financial information is securely maintained. Amazon Web Services (AWS) for private hosting services. Auth0 for registration and account access services. Network Solutions for Extended Validation SSL certificate.


If you have any concerns or questions about our data, privacy and security policies, please see our user terms and conditions or contact us anytime.

Am I a candidate to use HomeEgg?

Yes. Absolutely. All US homeowners are eligible to use HomeEgg. Whether you just purchased your home, thinking about selling, or somewhere in between, HomeEgg offers unique benefits to homeowners across the entire home ownership life cycle.

HomeEgg automatically qualifies users as the first step to creating a home profile by verifying the users home profile address and the mortgage type. If we are unable to verify these points, we may not be able to support your unique home situation.

Why Do We Charge?

The short answer… like anything else, we believe you get what you pay.

Sure, we could give HomeEgg away for free. But this would require us to introduce an advertising model that would distract your experience and dilute our purpose.

We are committed to delivering an industry leading, best in class, experience for you and all our users.

If you’re looking for free information about your home, we’re happy to point you to Redfin, Zillow, Realtor.com. But if you’re look for a more advanced home management solution that delivers high value, meaningful insights, in private environment, there is a modest fee.

We do our best to keep HomeEgg affordable for all homeowners. We consistently review our pricing model to ensure user access fees fairly reflect the cost of operations and benefits delivered.

What data will I need to provide to create my Home Profile?

We walk you through building your Home Profile using the HomeEgg Data Round Up Wizard. You’ll will be asked to validate or enter data across 5 main categories:

  • Home Attributes
  • Home Value
  • Home Mortgage
  • Home Improvements
  • Home Assets

How frequently should I update my HomeEgg home profile information?

We recommend updating your home information at least once a month. Your updates should include validating your home value estimate, entering most recent mortgage payment information, new home improvements and new assets and equipment. If these updates are overlooked, you home equity and related performance metrics may be affected. You will receive friendly reminders each month to complete these updates.

Who own’s HomeEgg?

HomeEgg is wholly owned by TowerHouse, Inc., located in Natick, MA.

How long will it take to set up my HomeEgg account and profile

Roughly, about 15 – 20 minutes is needed. It may take a little more (or less) time depending on the number of home improvement and home assets you have. We recommend that you have your home documents on hand to reference while working in the Data Round-Up Wizard

How long does HomeEgg keep my home profile information?

Your home profile information is maintained for as long as your account is active. If you do not access your account for 365 days or more, or request to delete your HomeEgg home profile, your account is deactivated and your home profile information is permanently removed from our database. You can always come back and create a new Home profile anytime.

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