What is HomeEgg and what makes it different?

HomeEgg is a best-in-class intelligent home management solution serving U.S. homeowners nationwide. It exists for the sole purpose of helping homeowners better manage their greatest asset via better financial insights and outcomes across all phases of the homeownership life cycle. From the day you purchase your home, till the day your sell it, HomeEgg gives you everything you need to achieve the best financial results from owning your home in a free, simple, and centralized solution.


By using HomeEgg you get unbeatable financial insights about your home, advanced and unbiased calculators to help you understand your options, and access to a growing marketplace where you can privately shop exclusive offers to help you save money.


HomeEgg is differentiated in the market by our fully-integrated, intelligent, data model which makes using the solution easy and effortless for everyone. HomeEgg is also free for all users.

Why do I need HomeEgg?

If your home is a major part of your overall personal wealth and among your largest monthly expenses, HomeEgg is an essential solution that helps you build equity faster, find cost savings easier and manage risk quicker.


Your homeownership journey is filled with large-dollar, high stakes transactions that have a direct effect on your equity gains and monthly expenses. Whether you’re exploring options to sell your home in order to trade up / down, refinancing your mortgage, taking cash out to pay for college, budgeting and prioritizing home improvements, renewing your home insurance, cutting over to solar energy, or even upgrading your home furnishing, HomeEgg puts you on a path to achieve better financial outcomes across these transactions.


So just as you use digital solutions to manage other personal asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, cash accounts, retirement accounts, and insurance policies, HomeEgg offers a central and private place for you to gain complete financial control of your home.

Is HomeEgg really free? And how does it make money?

Yes. HomeEgg is free for all users. There is no hidden cost or ‘freemium’ up-sell. Our goal is to empower every homeowner nationwide who seek better insights and outcomes for their home. You’ll gain instant access to HomeEgg’s complete spectrum of features and capabilities without ever swiping your credit card.


Then how does HomeEgg make money? Overtime, we will introduce a marketplace feature within HomeEgg that showcases targeted, carefully-curated, consumer products and services that could benefit users. The goal with the HomeEgg marketplace is NOT to pollute the solution with ads. The goal to give you a private place to understand relevant market opportunities, evaluate your options, and a engage in opportunities if they make sense for you.

Why Trust HomeEgg?

HomeEgg and its parent company TowerHouse, Inc., believe data privacy is a basic human right. We take extra steps to ensure you have a private and safe environment to stay on top of your greatest asset. This is what differentiates HomeEgg from other sites and is ‘core’ to our mission.


Data Privacy

HomeEgg applies advanced measures to help ensure the proper handling, processing, storage and usage of personal information and data is maintain at all times. We do not sell or exchange your personal information to any 3rd party. We minimize the collection of data wherever possible, apply database segregation practices and maintain dual-authentication account protection. HomeEgg users can take assurance that data privacy is always top of mind in our efforts to deliver the best use experience possible.



HomeEgg is also committed to safeguarding your information to the highest possible standard from any unauthorized third-party access or malicious attacks and exploitation of data. Your data is securely encrypted and maintained using bank – level protocols. To help us achieve these best in class standards, we’ve partnered with top tier technology infrastructure providers to ensure your personal and financial information is securely maintained. Amazon Web Services (AWS) for private hosting services. Auth0 for registration and account access services. Network Solutions for Extended Validation SSL certificate.


If you have any concerns or questions about our data, privacy and security policies, please see our user terms and conditions or contact us anytime.

Am I a candidate to use HomeEgg?

If you’re a U.S. homeowner, covered in our nationwide database of over 120 million homes, and want better financial outcomes for your home, you’re in good hands and a perfect candidate to leverage HomeEgg. Whether you just purchased your home, planning the sale of your home, or somewhere in between, HomeEgg offers unique benefits to homeowners across the entire homeownership life cycle.


At HomeEgg, we also recognize that there are different types of homeowners. For example: maybe you purchased your home and set it on auto-pilot until it’s time to sell, or perhaps you’re more pro-active about keeping pulse on your home equity gains and the underlying financial elements that influence your equity, or maybe yet you tend to micro-manage your home financials and take great pride in getting the best outcome every time. Regardless of your apporach to homeownership, HomeEgg is here to serve your unique needs and goals and help you get the most from owning your home.

How long does it take to register and create my home profile?

Registering and building your basic HomeEgg home profile takes about 3 minutes.


Once you create your account, we help you build your home profile in 3 simple steps. You’ll then have immediate access to your new HomeEgg dashboard and a rich set of intelligent home performance metrics and opportunities. It’s that simple.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Absolutely. If you want or need to cancel your HomeEgg account at anytime, you are welcome to do so. We’ll be bummed to see you go but we’ll always respect your requests.


Within 24 hours of receiving your request to delete your account, your account and all associated data will be permanently deleted from our database.


If circumstance change down the line, we’d love to have you back and you’re always welcome to sign up again.

Who own’s HomeEgg?

HomeEgg is wholly owned by TowerHouse, Inc., located in Natick, MA.

How long does HomeEgg keep my home profile information?

Your home profile information is maintained for as long as your account is active. If you do not access your account for 365 days or more, or request to delete your HomeEgg home profile, your account is deactivated and your home profile information is permanently removed from our database. You can always come back and create a new Home profile anytime.

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