What’s on the HomeEgg Horizon?

December 22, 2017

What’s on the HomeEgg Horizon?

Q4 18’ and into 19’ is going to be an exciting period for HomeEgg. The goal is simple. Expand HomeEgg’s existing platform capabilities in ways that increase the daylight between HomeEgg and other top-tier consumer-facing solutions like Redfin, Zillow, and Realtor.Com. We’ll achieve this by focusing on the following five themes

1)  Continued centralization of disparate home information. Pick virtually any home management topic, and you’ll find it exists in a silo (i.e., home value, mortgages, title and escrow, home assets and estate planning, local market trends, crime and school, energy, maintenance, home systems, taxes, insurance, HOA, home improvements, etc.). So there is no shortage of opportunities to centralize. Our challenge is to continue prioritizing and integrating these topics within HomeEgg in ways that deliver the greatest benefit to homeowners and the broader real estate ecosystem. We see direct and indirect home wealth factors to be the biggest, most disruptive, opportunity and we expect to concentrate our investment in this area heavily.

2)  Expanding HomeEgg’s existing home performance metrics.  Until HomeEgg, homeowners have been (deliberately?) shielded from home financial performance metrics that matter to managing their largest financial asset. HomeEgg has made great progress towards breaking these analytic barriers down, but there is so much more to do. Leveraging HomeEgg’s integrated data model, we plan to unleash an exciting wave of home performance metrics that will continue to empower homeowners in new, exciting and disruptive ways. These metrics will also expand our basis for creating linkages into the border of real estate and consumer financial services ecosystem.

3)  Fortifying HomeEgg’s user experience. As a consumer-facing solution, user experience rules the roost – without exception. To the points above, centralizing and analyzing consumer information only matters when it’s delivered in ways that exceed user expectations every time they engage with the solution. This includes design, accessible, navigation and relevance. HomeEgg is off to a great start on all these fronts with our dashboard interface, notifications and alerts, and mobile enablement but we know we can do better. Particularly when it comes to incorporating machine learning and AI into the HomeEgg platform. We will continue to invest aggressively in our mobile-first strategy as a means of making good on our goal to deliver a truly ‘irresistible and addicting’ consumer experience.

4)  Setting a new standard for user and data privacy. User and data privacy tides are turning dramatically, and they’re not done yet. Consumer demand for a fully transparent user and data privacy experience is just starting (i.e., the Facebook fallout). This means the days when applications like HomeEgg could collect and sell user information are being challenged, not by regulation, but by smarter consumers in the open market. From the beginning, HomeEgg adopted a position that user and data privacy is a basic human right. This isn’t new thinking (we first saw it with Apple) but applying this policy requires constant attention and investment. Looking to 2019, we will continue to invest in deeper user and data privacy practices and safeguards to ensure we exceed our commitment to giving our users a secure and private HomeEgg experience.

5)  Expanding ecosystem linkages. The opportunities to re-define linkages to the residential real estate and consumer finance ecosystems are endless. These linkages are in fact what makes HomeEgg a B2C2B platform. HomeEgg’s current Send Data Pack feature creates the necessary C2B linkages with the service providers that are supporting the user’s homeownership and wealth management goals. But this again scratches the surface. The bigger prize is to seamlessly integrate the residential real estate and consumer finance ecosystem into the HomeEgg experience. This requires persuading ecosystem constituents that the fastest path to building pocketing listing and leads is to become genuine partners helping to maximize the wealth and minimize the risk of homeownership for their customers. Or in other words, leverage HomeEgg as a tool to build a long-term relationship, not to close a short-term transaction. This is another major area of investment for HomeEgg over the next 18 months.

The current version of HomeEgg accomplishes a lot towards these goals. More importantly, it provides a powerful building block for scaling the platform across these five central roadmap themes. We invite you to view our earlier ‘Get to Know Us’ postings listed below and continue to follow this series to track our progress towards closing the digital homeowner gap.

Our next and final topic will be a fun one: “Great Question Sharks. How Will HomeEgg Make Me Money?”

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