Recent Home Sales: HomeEgg Expands Powerful New Insights

August 12, 2020

Recent Home Sales: HomeEgg Expands Powerful New Insights is pleased to share the release of our new Recent Home Sales geo-display feature.

Building on HomeEgg’s integrated data model, the Recent Home Sales feature enables users to instantly begin tracking recent home sales in their neighborhood. Unlike other sites which tend to overload users with non-relevant sales activity, HomeEgg filters recent transactions to those that are most comparable to each users home.

Here’s what HomeEgg user gain:

See recent home sales in fully-dynamic and interactive map or satellite view

Easily visualize sale transaction details including address, purchase price and price per square foot with convenient hover feature

Gain a relative view of how your home compares to recent market activity in one single view

Privately and independently monitor new recent home sales over time

As more and more homeowners begin to take greater control of their home value, HomeEgg’s recent home sale feature offers user a whole new level of visibility into comparative home sale activity.

Experience your home today.