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October 6, 2020 is pleased to share the release its new ground-breaking Mortgage Refinance Planning capability.

This exciting HomeEgg platform enhancement puts homeowners uniquely in the driver’s seat with intelligent, real-time, clarity into their refinance options and readiness to qualify for loan.

Mortgage refinancing is a process largely controlled by lenders. Consumers are funneled to submit all kinds of personal and financial information into lead capture machines just to see their refinance options. No more.

HomeEgg Best Place to Plan Your Refinance

HomeEgg is now the best place to effortlessly and privately get personalize insights about the benefits of refinancing your mortgage while sidestepping all the invasive and time consuming online forms or call-center questions. It’s a valuable financial tool for any homeowner in any phase of the refinance cycle.

What you gain from HomeEgg’s new Mortgage Refinance Planning feature:

  • A simple comparative view of your refinance options in today’s terms against traditional mortgage types (30, 20, 15 and year loans)
  • Visibility into the outcome of each option including changes to your monthly payment, impact on the total interest you’ll paid, and loan duration
  • A private place to self-assess your readiness to qualify for refinancing relative to common lending criteria such as loan to value, credit score and debt to income ratios

On top of all the great HomeEgg features, from better home value estimates and home sale planning tools, to managing home improvements and find which project have the greatest ROI, HomeEgg’s Mortgage Refinance Planning tool is an essential resource for any homeowner.

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