HomeEgg: Solving the New Homeowner Imperative

December 22, 2017

HomeEgg: Solving the New Homeowner Imperative

Homeowners are facing a new digital imperative to take control of the financial performance of their home. And the stakes have never been greater:

  • Home equals 42% of total wealth for the average US homeowner
  • US homeowners are sitting on over $5 trillion in unmanaged home equity

Yet, homeowners have been neglected in the current proptech / fintech digital wave.

  • Home information is scattered everywhere
  • Homeowners have limited visibility into how their single largest asset is performing
  • Homeowners are missing major financial opportunities because they do not have the right information

In many ways, the constraints facing homeowners today are similar to the pre-digitalization days of personal finance, investing, tax preparation, and even career services. HomeEgg is closing this gap and it’s textbook fintech / proptech digital disruption.

HomeEgg is a digital home management platform that is rewriting the residential real estate script by empowering homeowners and redefining linkages to the real estate and consumer finance ecosystem. HomeEgg is differentiated in the market by its transformational vision and guiding principles:

  • Centralize home information at the source
  • Develop a fully integrated data model that includes hard and soft home data
  • Provide ‘irresistible and addicting’ home financial analytics and insights
  • Create an engaging (even fun) user experience
  • Gradually integrate HomeEgg into users daily routine
  • Design and develop as a scalable b2c2b platform

HomeEgg puts these concepts into practice for every U.S. homeowner. HomeEgg users gain a safe place to build wealth, find cost savings, prevent value seepage and create leverage across the real estate and consumer finance ecosystems.

  • Home financial data securely all in one place
  • Actionable insights, alerts and recommendation highlighting high-value financial opportunities
  • Integrated, top-level, home financial performance metrics
  • Greater leverage when engaging real estate services
  • Fully mobile – enable features to get HomeEgg on-the-go

It’s exciting for us to put all these benefits into the hands of every U.S homeowner in just the first release of HomeEgg. We’re confident that our platform roadmap will continue to empower homeowners in new ways and have a significant influence in transforming residential real estate practices.

We invite you to continue following our ‘Get to Know Us’ series and our progress to close the homeowner digital gap right here on LinkedIn. Our next topic will be “A Deep Dive into HomeEgg Capabilities and Features” which will offer a behind-the-scenes look into how HomeEgg’s current platform features were selected.