HomeEgg v3.1 Release

April 9, 2020

HomeEgg v3.1 Release

HomeEgg is pleased to share our v3.1 release which includes an exciting lineup of feature enhancements designed to strengthen efficient and effective consumer experience (CX)

• The 3 Step Set Up: Users can now create their home profile in 3 quick, ultra-efficient, steps. Beyond getting instant access to their HomeEgg dashboard, users gain a complete perspective of their home equity position including an independent home value estimate and mortgage equity analysis.

• HomeEgg Community Discussions e-mail notification: HomeEgg users will get a summary email each week highlighting community discussions, housing news, and feature highlights submitted over the previous week.

• Map Pinning: HomeEgg now applies geo-mapping to show first time users that we’ve successfully found their home. It’s a small but helpful feature that builds user confidence that we’re pulling the right information about the right home

Combined, these UX enhancements help minimize user friction and foster deeper solution engagement.

We also want to acknowledge the effort by our team and development partners in India who’ve all outperformed expectations to get these enhancements complete in very challenging times and circumstances.

One thing we’ve learned at HomeEgg is that uncertain times requires certain solutions. And HomeEgg is a certain resource every homeowner should dial into – if only to keep a pulse on how Covid-19 is effecting home equity, home values, and mortgage payoff and refi opportunities.

We’re glad to be valuable, free, resource for our growing user base in these difficult times and look forward to sharing more product updates in the coming months.