HomeEgg Expands To Complete National Coverage

May 20, 2020

HomeEgg Expands To Complete National Coverage

Today we’re celebrating that HomeEgg.com, our market-leading digital home platform, now offers complete national coverage of over 120 million U.S. homes. This marks an exciting advancement in our efforts to digitally empower every homeowner, nationwide, with complete control of the home they own. HomeEgg’s integrated data model enables homeowners to effortlessly keep a real-time pulse of their home equity, home value, mortgage payoff and refi options, home improvement ROI and much more.

We’re particularly proud of these platform enhancements as homeowners are increasingly trying to find answers to how Covid-19 is effecting their current home situation. With HomeEgg.com, homeowners can finally sidestep home-buying websites and confidently manage their journey as homeowners in one simple, private and free solution.

Visit TowerHouseInc.com to learn more about our efforts to close the homeowner digital divide or visit HomeEgg.com to see our work in motion.

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