HomeEgg Amplifies User Benefits With Cutting-Edge UX

Home Egg
By HomeEgg.com
September 16, 2020

HomeEgg is pleased to share the release of its newly expanded dashboard interface which includes top-level home financial metrics and single-click access to our leading Financial Outcome Calculators – all in one convenient and engaging view.

“If we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that UX matter most in consumer tech”, says HomeEgg founder Daniel O’Toole. He adds, “you can have all the features and functions in world but if they’re not package with users’ behavior and preferences top-of-mind, they’ll fall flat. For us, this means hiding complexity, amplifying benefits through visualization, and providing a highly intuitive click path.”

With HomeEgg’s expanded dashboard, users can get all the insights they need in minutes; from key home metrics, to planning the sale of their home, understanding refinance options, prioritizing home improvement projects, and even finding insurance savings.

For any homeowner looking to gain better financial control over their greatest asset, HomeEgg is essential. Best of all, it’s always free for everyone.

Vist www.HomeEgg.com to join today or learn more about our efforts to digitally empower homeowners in exciting new ways.


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