First Look: Home Equity Trends, February, 2021

Home Egg
February 10, 2021

February marked another net positive month for home equity gains, with HomeEgg members recording an average month over month gain of 2.6%. These results signal continued confidence in U.S housing fundamentals including strong home purchase demand, favor for more aggressive mortgage payoff strategies, and home improvement investments.

Based on demand conditions, historically low interest rates, and broader economic recovery measures, we expect home equity wealth will continue through Q1 and potentially beyond.

Other notable home equity stats:

• 29% of HomeEgg members has gains of 5% or more
• 48% of HomeEgg members had equity increases
• 74% of HomeEgg members had equity increase or no change
• 27% of HomeEgg members had decrease in equity
• Only 6% of HomeEgg members had Major Decreases, while 20% of member had Major Increase

Notes: Results based on anonymized performance sample of an estimated $287M in home asset value. Next updated results expected after Q1 close.


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