Feature Spotlight: Better Home Value Estimates

July 9, 2020

Feature Spotlight: Better Home Value Estimates

HomeEgg takes tracking your home value to an exciting new level.

Monitoring your home value on a monthly basis is a basic step in managing the financial upside and downside of owning your home. Yet, consumers commonly rely on homebuying websites for their home value estimates which are notoriously bias and inaccurate. Worse, consumers have no ability to influence or override these estimates leaving the homeowner mis-informed and disadvantaged.

HomeEgg provides consumers a better alternative for tracking home value by empowering them to easily create and maintain their own defensible estimate. Here’s how:

  • HomeEgg starts by giving each user a baseline low, average and high home value estimate that we get from our national data provider. This is exactly the same information you’d get from homebuying site XZY.com
  • Users can then override their baseline estimate using an intuitive slider. Here users can refine their home value estimate to include home improvements they made to their home, more relevant recent sales, or even input from their realtor.
  • Using sophisticated tech and calculations, HomeEgg then carries your home value estimate forward factoring new market data and the rolling sum of your adjustments.
  • In your HomeEgg dashboard, your home value estimate is maintained in real time and you can always adjusted it anytime. You can also follow how it’s trending over time.
  • Your real time home value estimate is also used to inform your HomeEgg home equity results
  • Every month HomeEgg sends you a monthly Home Value estimate alert right to your phone so you can keep a pulse on how it changes month over month
  • If you’re thinking about selling, you can work collaboratively with your realtor or other professionals to determine the right listing price (Our Home Sale Outcome Calculator is a great tool to help with this)

Bottom line: HomeEgg gives you a powerful alternative to homebuying websites and a new level of control over your home value estimate.

So take control of your home value today and sign up with HomeEgg. It’s Free | Private | Convenient. www.homeegg.com