Are You Overpaying For Home Insurance?

August 24, 2020

Are You Overpaying For Home Insurance?

Home insurance is one of the easiest areas for homeowners to find immediate cost savings. Yet, too often, homeowners take the first quote they get and auto-renew their policies each year without shopping around. As a result, too many U.S. homeowners are overpaying for basic home insurance and have little visibility into how their annual premiums compares to others.

No more. is pleased to share the release of our new Home Insurance Savings Estimator. Using advanced data intelligence methods, this exciting enhancement makes it easy for you to see if you’re paying too much for basic home insurance compared national and state premium averages.

1) Instantly see if your home insurance premium is over or under performing your state’s average premium

2) See how much you could potentially save by shopping for a new policy

3) Compare how your annual premium stacks up to averages across the U.S.

4) Or, if you recently purchased a new policy, validate if you got good deal

We know first-hand that shopping for home insurance is not a particularly fun exercise. But we also know that saving money feels really (really) good. So, we invite you to take minute, sign up for, and see how much you can potentially save by shopping for a new policy.