4 Reasons Why Your Home Information Deserves A Little Privacy

Home Egg
By HomeEgg.com
November 10, 2020

In most U.S. states, the fact that home and related personal information is available through public records has its pro’s and con’s. For homebuyers, it’s a great way to dig up intel on the home you’re thinking about purchasing and create leverage in your offer. However, for homeowners, it’s much less appealing to have your home and personal information within reach of marketers, noisy neighbors, and prospective buyers; particularly when the data is predictably inaccurate.

Whether it’s incorrect home value estimates, misreported mortgage balance and encumbrance data, misattributed home attribute information, or imprecise owner and demographic data, it’s widely common for homeowners to find flawed public record information that bites them somewhere along their homeownership journey. And, with 76 percent of homeowners citing their home as their greatest asset, the stakes are too high not to reclaim control and privacy of your home information.

HomeEgg.com, a market-leading intelligent home management solution, can help you restore the privacy and accuracy of your home information. Here’s 4 reasons why it all matters and the benefits you gain from being the master of your info domain:

  1. Your Home Value Estimate: If you haven’t noticed, home-buying websites have hijacked your home value estimate. This may not matter in the day-to-day of owning your home, but it will certainly matter a lot when it comes time to sell your home. It’s good practice to leverage a tool like HomeEgg.com that help you build and maintain a defensible perspective of your home value estimate. This will help you to fend-off accurate estimates report on public websites when it matters most.
  2. Your Mortgage Payoff: Lenders, credit reporting agencies, and municipal jurisdictions commonly have a pulse on your mortgage information and balance. Your lender maybe the worst offender, deliberately limiting the visibility you have into ways to save interest and accelerate the payoff of your loan. The best defense in this case is offense; use applications like HomeEgg.com to independently manage the payoff of your mortgage. This will give you a valuable edge over your lender and public reporting, including helping you to save interest and fast-track the payoff of your loan.
  3. Your Home Attributes: Square footage, lot size, number of bedrooms and baths, year build (to name a few), are very often inaccurately reflected in public record information. These misattributions can have a direct and unknowingly big financial impact on your home insurance cost, ability to qualify for best-available refinance rates, or derive a comparable price per square foot estimate when it comes time to sell your home. It’s wise to use a solution like HomeEgg.com to manage your home attribute information and maintain those attributes over time as they change. It’s a simple step to ensure the right information is being used to underwrite common home financial transactions and ensure you get the best financial outcome possible.
  4. Your Home Improvements: Big or small, all home improvements add value to your home. Yet, public record information (like permits pulled) only reflect a portion of the total home improvements you’ve made to your home. This can leave you short-changed when it comes time to sell your home, refinance, qualify for a personal loan, or purchase home insurance. It’s wise to put a tool like HomeEgg.com to use for maintaining a simple, private, inventory of all the home improvements you’ve made to your home along the way. It also creates an indisputable history of your home that adds value and wins the confidence of potential buyers down the line.

These are just 4 reasons why re-taking control of the accuracy of your home information is a good idea. Indeed, a new generation of homeowners are choosing to circumvent public home-buying websites and public record information in favor of reclaiming control of their home data – a critical first step towards achieving better financial outcomes throughout your homeownership journey.

You have a standing invitation to join HomeEgg.com and reclaim your home information in one easy-to-use and free solution. You’ll gain piece-of-mind that you have the ultimate edge over marketers, noisy neighbors, and prospective buyers – private and authoritative control of your home information.


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