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By HomeEgg.com
September 30, 2020

Winning clients as a financial advisor, real estate agent, mortgage lender or home insurance broker is a hard hustle. As former realtors’ ourselves, we know success doesn’t come easy. Closing the next transaction, meeting your office quotas and building a sustainable pipeline all need equal nurturing.

So how can you really emerge as an elite service provider, gain an unrelenting edge over your competition and win the hearts and minds of your clients and prospects?


At HomeEgg.com, we empower homeowners with better insights and financial outcomes. But we also empower the ecosystem of real estate and consumer finance professionals like you to leverage HomeEgg as a strategic (and free) source for differentiating your personal brand. It’s perhaps better than any other lead generation tool in the market and a natural CRM.

Here are two proven scripts to help you leverage HomeEgg to differentiate yourself in the market and grow long-term, trusted-advisor, relationships with your clients.

The HomeEgg Conversation Starter Script

Hi <Name>

I was thinking about you today when I came across an exciting solution, HomeEgg.com. It’s a pretty powerful tool that helps you get financial control of your home (your largest asset).

For example, you can use HomeEgg to track your home Equity position, get better monthly home values estimates, see the payoff of your mortgage and monitor your refinance options. It’s free, private and pretty easy to use.

I’d love to jump on a web conference with you to help you set up your account or talk through your results. I think I could offer a valuable perspective to help you think though your plans to potentially <add your service i.e…, refinance, sell your home, prioritize home improvements, switch home insurance etc.>

Let me know if you have some time in the next week or two and I’ll send along an invite.


The HomeEgg Periodic Follow Up Script

Hi <Name>

It been a while since we last connected. Wanted to check in to see how you’re doing and if I can help you think through your objectives and circumstances for your home, particularly <add your service i.e…, refinancing, selling your home, prioritizing home improvements, switching home insurance etc.>.

I’d love to schedule a quick web conference with you to review or update your HomeEgg account and talk through potential opportunities. Mindful of today’s market conditions, I think I could offer a valuable perspective to help you <add your relevant service context i.e…, find a better refinance program, get the most from selling your home, make the best home improvement decisions, find better home insurance plans etc.>

Let me know if you have some time in the next week or two and I’ll send along an invite.


More tips for unlocking your market differentiation:

Differentiation starts with committing your purpose to something bigger than just the next transaction. Leaning into our twenty-plus years of blue-chip consulting experience at some of the world’s largest companies, here are five simple ways you can begin re-defining your market differentiation

  • Know your strategic value and communicate it through action with your clients and prospects (not glossy materials)
  • Brand yourself as a ‘trusted advisor’ by listening to the ‘why’ that’s driving each of your clients to transact
  • Back into your solution(s) by getting to know your clients expected outcome(s)
  • Don’t just meet your clients expected outcome, exceed them
  • Hunt and engage resources that will help you shine like technologies, your network or content knowledge base


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