HomeEgg Feature Cheat Sheet

Home Egg
By HomeEgg.com
September 27, 2020

Want better insights and financial outcomes for your home? HomeEgg.com has all you need to take complete control of your home.

Here are 10 awesome (FREE) features you get with by signing up with HomeEgg:

  • Better monthly home value estimates
  • Create comparative home sales scenarios to maximize your cash proceeds
  • Track the monthly payoff of your mortgage
  • See your refinance options and test you refinance readiness
  • Manage your home improvements
  • Prioritize home improvement and renovation projects best on estimated ROI
  • Benchmark your home insurance costs and find instant saving
  • Protect you home assets by maintaining your assets inventory
  • Monthly home performance notifications and alerts
  • Complete control over your account to opt in / opt out based on what matters most to you.

Feel the pride of homeownership. Discover your home today.

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