Home means a lot more than it did 4 weeks ago – Home and COVID 19 Crisis

March 30, 2020

Home means a lot more than it did 4 weeks ago – Home and COVID 19 Crisis

We’ve all been reminded in recent weeks that #home is a very special place. Home is safety, refuge, and healing. Home is family. Home is a beacon of connectivity. Home is where we send our groceries and packages. Home is where work and deals still get done. Home is where our children learn to learn and play virtually.

We’re also reminded that home is a financial investment dependent on economic conditions that have changed overnight. Job security, home values, lending criteria, government programs, and even the flow of materials, all have a major consequence on the financial performance of our home.

Individually, we have little control over these the economic factors but we can monitor and safeguard our home investment by keeping a pulse on 5 key topics

1) How is your home equity trending and does it impact your financial planning approach?

2) How is your home value responding to new local market conditions?

3) Should I take advantage of low mortgage rates and refinance?

4) Should I preserve cash and take advantage of mortgage payment deferral programs?

5) Are their quick-win home improvements with good ROI that I can tackle while in quarantine?

Whether you’re a HomeEgg user or not, we’re doing everything we can to empower homeowners with a strong financial footing in these uncertain times.