About Enabling Homeowners To Be Their Best

Trusted by homeowners nation-wide, HomeEgg is a leading intelligent home management solution that provides better insight and financial outcomes to homeowners.

HomeEgg puts homeowners first, not transactions. Our users gain objective, unbiased insights that create value, find cost savings, prevent value seepage and build leverage across the real estate ecosystem. HomeEgg is free for all users. We believe data privacy is basic human right. HomeEgg and its parent company TowerHouse Inc., does not sell your personal information. HomeEgg is a private place to stay on top of your home.

HomeEgg is inspired by blending best practices from commercial, corporate and residential real estate, personal finance and social networks. HomeEgg’s founder, Daniel O’Toole, brings 20-plus years of real estate and workplace advisory experience at Deloitte, E&Y and Booz Allen. He’s delivered innovative technology solutions to some of the world’s largest companies including Walmart, Pfizer, Merck, GE, USAA, Thomson Reuters, and high profile federal agencies such as GSA, EPA, and SSA. Daniel’s vision is to bring the depth of these experiences to the doorstep and fingertips of every homeowner.

We are led by our guiding principles of information centralization, useful analytics, user efficiency, mobility, social expression and social responsibility. We maintain an exciting, influential and transformative platform roadmap that will continue to empower homeowners across all phases of their homeownership journey.

After 3 plus years of intense R&D, HomeEgg successfully launched in the summer of 2020. HomeEgg is wholly owned by TowerHouse, Inc., located in Natick, MA.