Always know your home equity position

  • Track your home equity trends
  • Discover ways to payoff your home faster
  • Explore ways to create value

HomeEgg has helped us payoff our home 6 years faster and save over $50,000 in mortgage interest. It’s been fun to watch our equity grow.

Kate and Will S., Northborough, MA | Verified

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Get unbiased home value estimates that empower you

  • Monitor your monthly home value trends
  • Always know your home sale options
  • Confidently plan your best home sale outcome when you’re ready to sell

HomeEgg helped me command $34k more than what Zillow and realtors were saying my home was worth. I also reduced the cost of selling my home by over $32K. That’s $66K! HomeEgg a powerful resource.

Kevin C., Winter Park, FL | Verified

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Be in complete control of your mortgage

  • Always know your refinance options
  • See your interest savings and acceleration from extra payments
  • Privately track your mortgage payoff

HomeEgg helped me time my mortgage refi perfectly and reduced my payment by $465

Kate and Will, Northborough, MA | Verified

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Create value with your home improvements

  • Find home improvement projects with the best ROI
  • Prioritize and budget your projects
  • Track your projects and the estimated recoup value of your investments

I was going to put $5,000 into a bathroom remodel but HomeEgg showed me that exterior painting was a better investment

Jacob D., Centennial, CO | Verified

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Better protect your home and assets

  • Monitor home insurance savings opportunities
  • Benchmark your insurance costs against your state average
  • Maintain an inventory of your home assets so everything is protected

Thanks to HomeEgg we learned we were paying $276 more than the average homeowners in CA. I found better insurance, cheaper, saving me $391 a year.

Olivia and Andres G, San Clemente, CA | Verified

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More great reasons to join HomeEgg

  • It’s free for everyone
  • We honor your data privacy rights
  • Build your profile in ~3 minutes
  • Connect and engage other homeowners
  • Get powerful, personalized notifications
  • Manage your account preferences
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Explore HomeEgg Features

Because a lot happens between buying and selling your home

Total Home Equity

Gain a clear line of sight into your total home equity. Home wealth is a key part of long – term financial success and the primary indicator of your home’s financial performance. HomeEgg helps you build an authoritative perspective of your total home wealth – that you control.

  • Get a top – level, fully integrated, view of your total home equity
  • Track how your home wealth is trending over time
  • Create Total Home Wealth scenarios using HomeEgg’s interactive features
  • Isolate areas of financial strength and opportunity

Home Value

Don’t be misinformed. There’s more to your home value. In just minutes, we help you build and maintain a more accurate picture of your Total Home Value – that you can manage over time.

  • Create a baseline home value using a combination of market data and customer input
  • Monitor your home value based on changing market conditions and home attributes
  • Use HomeEgg market forecast information to help anticipate home value increases / decreases

Home Mortgage

Mortgages are an engine of wealth creation. As your balances decrease, your equity position builds. HomeEgg puts you control of tacking the performance of your mortgage(s).

  • Watch your home equity grow by tracking mortgage balance(s) in real time
  • Monitor your mortgage rates against prevailing market rates
  • Receive targeted notifications that recommend mortgage costs reduction opportunities
  • Stay on top of scheduled mortgage rate adjustments with automated alerts and impact analysis

Property Taxes

I like paying my property taxes” said no one, ever. Property taxes are a not-so-fun burden of homeownership. Knowing how your taxes are trending gives you powerful ‘edge’ over your tax authority.

  • We monitor and report changes to your property taxes on a quarterly basis
  • See how your property taxes are trending overtime
  • Get the insight your need to know when it’s time to appeal your tax assessment or tax bill
  • See how your property taxes compare to national and other local property tax averages (coming soon)

Home Improvements

How much value have your home improvements created? Probably more than you think. HomeEgg eliminates the guesswork by centralizing all of your capital home improvements activities

  • Track all your home improvements projects – big and small – in one system
  • Understand the financial impact of your capital improvements on your total home wealth
  • Capture and prioritize targeted home improvement activities
  • Link supporting documentation including drawings, contracts, warranties, receipts, etc.

Asset & Equipment

Be wise. Plan for the unexpected. HomeEgg helps you safeguard the value of your home assets and equipment.

  • Create a master inventory of all your home assets and equipment
  • Track original, actual and replacement values
  • Easily send copies of your asset and equipment records to your insurance agent, appraisers or other third parties
  • Maintain asset and equipment records, include warranties, images and receipts
  • Best of all, gain valuable discounts on annual home insurance costs

Analytics and Reporting

Your home is a performing asset. So take control. HomeEgg reporting and analytics brings high value, actionable insights that position you to make smart home finance decisions. You’ll gain a whole new level of confidence to build value, find savings and avoid common financial pitfalls.

  • Monthly HomeEgg report serves up your most recent home performance summary
  • Trending analysis to help identify major financial opportunities
  • Monitor interest rates to optimize re-finance potential
  • Track best home improvements investments
  • Run ad hoc reports by home management category to prevent value seepage

Alerts and Recommendations

Know what you don’t know. With HomeEgg, you gain custom recommendations and alerts that help build wealth, save money and sidestep risk. HomeEgg insights are actionable, measurable and the cornerstone for improving the financial performance of your home

  • The MyHomeEgg report is a scheduled monthly summary report that showcases the home performance metrics that matter most
  • Ad-hoc notifications are delivered that highlight specific performance improvement opportunities
  • All alerts and notification are delivered right to your in-box and accessible through your MyHomeEgg portal
  • Ability to manage your alert & notification preferences

Social Expression

Home is social. From sharing your home improvement achievements, to getting design ideas, to getting direct referrals for services, HomeEgg is your new home network.

  • Follow community posts and home topics that important to you
  • Share your homeownership questions and successes
  • Get private referrals for real estate and home services
  • Stay on top on local, regional and national real estate news, topics and trends

Convenience Features

We want you to outperform your homeownership goals. So we invest in features that make your HomeEgg experience meaningful, simple and convenient.

  • Send Data Pack: Share home information with people supporting your financial goals
  • Home Profile Set up wizard: Spend less time entering data and more time enjoying the results
  • Home Attributes: Feel the pride of home ownership
  • Mobile Enabled: Access your home even while you’re on the go. Anytime. Anywhere
  • Home Documents: Keep all your home documents in one central document repository
  • And we never stop innovating new and exciting ways to improve your digital home experience

HomeEgg is proudly winning the trust of homeowners nationwide, one homeowner at time

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